About Us

Imagine a place where every child receives a personalized education that focuses on their own strengths and challenges. The Cardinal School makes that dream a reality. With a low student/teacher ratio and behavioral staff present in the classroom. We are able to guide the whole child educationally, behaviorally, and socially. We recognize the value of every child as an individual.

Our mission is to provide the educational environment necessary to prepare each child for higher learning and social contributions enabling students to reach their full potential by individualized curriculum and teaching strategies. We provide learning opportunities utilizing the unique strengths of each student. The Cardinal School, Inc. is based on the philosophy that students learn best through active engagement in meaningful activities tailored to individual learning styles.

Our highly qualified staff consists of certified educators that provide individualized instruction focused on the whole student, not test scores. We believe that academics are only a part of the equation; a child must also progress with regard to socialization, behavior and communication in a nurturing, accepting environment. We utilize the educational standards of more than one state, and select our programs based on data and research. We help students move forward from day one.

Ms. Quarles

Masters in Child Life Specialist in Psychology Registered Behavior Technician Certification (In Progress)


Ms. Duncan

Ms. Duncan is our upper level Cardinal teacher. She has been teaching since 2015 and is a graduate of Samford’s School of Education. She earned a masters degree in Education with a focus in English.


Mrs. Averett

Mrs. Averett is one of the teachers in our Early Learner’s classroom. She worked in early childhood education with the military for 28 years prior moving to Alabama. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Education with her CDS, and an Associate’s Degree in Home Economics. Chantay joined Cardinal School in January 2017, […]


Non-traditional School Environment Our ideal student is one that has been unable to navigate the academic, social and emotional pressures of a traditional school environment. They may have been struggling for years. Some of our students have been diagnosed as learning disabled, ADD/ADHD, or on the Autism Spectrum. They may also be struggling because the current school setting isn’t challenging enough. Using assessments, we are able to create learning plans that give our students – and their families – new hope with regard to the education of their children.

Outstanding Academic Programs:

  • A low student to teacher ratio, ensuring quality, one on one interaction between your child and their educator.
  • An academic plan that is fully customized for each student, taking their strengths and challenges into consideration.
  • A true partnership with parents, with regular reports on your child’s successes and collaboration to address areas of concern.
  • Behavioral support staff in each classroom.
  • Data proven curriculum and therapeutic techniques.
  • Daily physical education and electives, including art and theater.
  • Weekly social skills and daily guided socialization with peers and adults.
  • Scheduled break time for every student to regroup and refocus.
  • A place where every child is valued for who they are and what they bring to the learning community.
  • Optional after school activities including therapies and tutoring, including social skills groups, self help and daily living skills, art and more!

Accountability We believe that every child is capable of achieving high expectations and we hold ourselves accountable that each of our students demonstrates measurable, sustained progress academically, socially and behaviorally. To measure a student’s progress, we use a battery of assessments at the beginning, middle and end of each school year, as well as performance checks at various points within each semester. We believe in the value of varied assessment strategies to get a true idea of where each student is currently performing, and where they need to be. We also offer summer and after school programs that focus on academics, behavior, and/or social skills to those students that may benefit from such services.


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